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Perhaps, we all love websites whose design resonates with the products it sells. If it is a Rolex watch, then the website should somehow convey the spirit of the big brand, for instance.

Another example in this context is specifically the online store, which we will analyze in this review. As we can easily deduct from the name of the website, it has to deal with Breitling replica watches. Therefore, we can first conclude that this store offers only one replica brand. Watch enthusiasts seeking Patek Philippe, Rolex, or Omega should seek other sources.

Let’s take it to step by step to see the complete amplitude of this online replica watch marketplace.

The homepage of

As mentioned a little bit earlier, this site has a pretty attractive design. Even though it sells replica watches, the concept of the homepage focuses on the brand. Of course, the homepage does feature some replica watches pictures. But, the main banner emphasizes the drive and specific vibe of the brand. In addition, on the second half of the page, you will find some sectors with content, revealing the horological value of Breitling along its history.

Honestly, we like the visual aspect of the homepage. It is not complicated and lacks millions of buttons, icons, and filters. We think that a homepage should be simple in functionality, and valuable in content. We think this store has succeeded in its design taste.

The main color of the homepage background is black. It confers solidity and formality. In addition, it suggests the specific sporty and dynamic vibe of the Breitling watchhouse. The black font is well-balanced with pictures based on the brown. The brown is spotted accurately over the whole homepage and puts an accent on buttons, frames, and discount labels.  Even the content passage from the bottom of the page uses a brown tone. Even though it might seem that these colors are hampering, let us tell you that, in fact, they look harmonious, solid, and inspiring.

To add solidity to the aesthetic look, designers opted for a special font for the main sentences on the homepage. The main sentences come with a faded effect to remind us about the passage of time, while the value of the brand remains unchanged. A slightly classic look with romantic touches. However, the look remains steady due to the powerful pictures of sporty ladies, solid pilots, and, of course, great watches.

How intuitive is the homepage?

The aesthetic look of a homepage is not enough for a regular customer. It’s only half away. In addition to an attractive aspect, the homepage must also be intuitive. By such means, the customer can easily find what he needs and doesn’t get exhausted by scrolling back and forth.

In this aspect, is also a good example. As aforementioned, the focus is put on visual effect, either than on complicated functionality.

Since the store offers worldwide shipping, it also offers the possibility to change the language of the site. This can be done with the language button displaying multiple languages.

On one hand, that’s a good tool to suggest that the store embraces all nationalities. On the other hand, the language button is somehow misplaced. It is neither in the center of the main menu bar nor on the right of the homepage. The language selection button looks out of the context a little bit since it comes in a white frame on a black background. This position creates a feeling of asymmetry and a slight visual disturbance. In addition, the section is right under the Superocean collection button. If you click the Superocean collection, the language button remains OVER the collection listing. On the whole, this language button impairs the entire design and functionality.

Would be great if the designer would have placed it in the same row as the other sections of the main menu bar. In addition, it would integrate better if used the same font as the other sections.

The main banner features attractive pictures and 2 CTA buttons on it. One she “View More” and the second is Shop Now. If you select View More, it, unfortunately, leads nowhere. More specifically, it leads to a page that doesn’t contain any information.

Further on...

Down the page, you are introduced to the Breitling collections. Four sectors featuring Transocean, Superocean, Navitimer, and Montbrillant collections enchant with their captivating pictures. By simply clicking the array from the right you discover the following 4 sectors featuring Colt, Chronomat, and Bentley collections. So, any beginner would easily understand how to use this site so far, picking the collection he needs.

An attractive section is the Brand Culture passage at the bottom of the page. It features a small video presenting some iconic models of the brand. In addition to it, there is a content fragment whose function is to introduce the customer into the Breitling universe and understand it better.

Traditionally, the page also features some Hot and Recent products, displaying different Breitling watches.

Similar to other online stores, the right upper corner contains the icons suggesting the activities of the user. Therefore, there you can operate with the shop cart and your favorite products.

As a general rule, the footer comes with some additional links in case customers can find some specific information. FAQs, About Me, Contact us, Privacy Policy- are all placed right there.

In conclusion, the homepage is both attractive and easily usable. It contains nothing else than necessary and is pretty comprehensive for young customers, as well as for the elderly.

Watch categories contains all the brand’s collections. The watch categories come in alphabetical order and include Airwolf, Airwolf raven, Avenger, Chronoline, Chronoliner, Chronomat, Colt, Exospace, Navitimer, Premier, Professional, Superocean, Superocean Heritage, Transocean, and Transocean Chronograph.

Quality vs price

With every category the customer opens, he has the possibility to adjust the price filter according to his financial possibilities. The highest price on the online shop is about $1,600. In addition, the customer has the possibility to choose a certain quality for his replica watch. Therefore, the following options are available here: A replica, AAA Automatic, AAAAA Clone, Quartz, Quality Quartz, and Swiss movement.

There are some errors with certain watches. For instance, when we wanted to add a Breitling Superocean 46mm A17392D7 to the cart, a popup message suggested selecting some product options first. But, there were no options to select on the page referring to the type of movement. As a matter of fact, this is not the only example. The major part of watches come with this error. Therefore, it might take some time until you find a watch with the possibility to select the movement.

Additional Specs


Unfortunately, it didn’t remain clear if the shipping is free or not. No specifications are available in the store regarding this question. Neither it is clear to which countries the store ships its goods. It will be necessary to contact customer support to clear up this aspect. We tried to place an item into the cart and it calculated the shipping cost at 30$. However, it is unclear whether it is a fixed cost or not. In the same context, it is unclear how long it takes until an order arrives. No specifications are available.


On the other hand, it is great that the store offers a 33% discount on all its items. The discount is already integrated into the final price displayed in the store.


This aspect is a bit confusing. Quoting literally the information from the store, “the watches are waterproof but not waterproof” :) Probably, the text is google translated from another language. But the downside is that the vendor didn’t take the opportunity to correct the mistake. Therefore, if we correctly deduct, the watches are water resistant. In case customers need a waterproof capacity, they will have to pay a $30 extra fee. The waterproofness is guaranteed, in such a case, to 10 meters.


There is no page containing warranty details. Therefore, we couldn’t tell you which is the warranty period of replica watches from this store. In case you decide to buy from it, check it out with the customer support all the specs regarding the warranty period.

Customer support

Unlike other online replica stores featuring an instant chat, this store has only contact from. The customers will have to complete it with some details and submit their message. In addition, there is a phone number available at the footer of the website. But, it seems to be more like a business number, rather than a customer support channel.


We suppose that this store accepts Visa and Master card payments only. We found this specification on the checkout page. No mentions of other forms of payment are available.

As a conclusion is a source exclusively for watch enthusiasts passionate about Breitling. On one hand, it is a great store from the homepage design point of view. It looks attractive and makes you fall in love with the Breitling brand. In the same context, it is great that the store offers a 33% discount when other stores don’t offer anything.

On the other hand, there is plenty of confusion while placing the order. The major part of watches can’t be filtered by type of movement. In addition, customers might have a lot of questions without having the possibility to find an answer. For instance, the warranty policy, or shipping details are missing.

The aesthetic look is great, while the functional (technical) and informational aspects need some improvements. Check it out in top-rated sources some good examples of stores in which both the aesthetics and the technical side are both just great. Cheers to all! Reviews

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the website attracted me with its interface. so bold and expressive, suggesting professionalism. I wanted to buy Breitling Superocean 46mm AB2010121B1S1 Men’s Black Dial Silver-tone. An AAA one. The price of 999$ for the AAA replica seemed too much for me, but I couldn't find this specific model on other dealers, so I had to place the order on this one. I placed it, I paid for it, I received a confirmation, and that's all. no further information about the delivery, no tracking information, no reply from customer support, no nothing. it's like the seller along with the entire back office has disappeared. I was worried about the 1k dollars I paid for the rep watch. it's a high amount of money for me, and I thought I had lost them forever. luckily, I received an email within 3 weeks informing me that the money would be returned to my credit card. I got the money back, but I never found out what went wrong, because in the email there wasn't any explanation why my watch hadn't been shipped.
unprofessional seller, I'm so sorry for the wasted time. very unprofessional. Don't recommend this seller unless you want to way for months and get nothing in the end

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