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    Any replica watch regrets?

    I regret the money I paid to those who never delivered my ordered replica watch!!!! ☹️☹️
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    Do you use watch complications to the fullest?!

    why do you all talk in general terms and not explain exactly which functions you are referring to? personally, I know plenty of business people who use their watches to the fullest nd not for showing-off. They cannot imagine going on a business trip to another country without using their dual...
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    Replica/ Counterfeit/ knock-off??? What's the difference? Help

    I feel absolutely no moral guilt)) as long as there is no clear law, I don't see why I should feel guilty. In front of luxury watch brands?????? Let them make more accessible watches and I will be the first to get an authentic one 😁😁😁
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    above or below the wrist?

    comfort is a strictly individual thing. and I get to stick to it, no matter what others say. i usually wear my watch loosely. well, not that loose so that it rotates around on the wrist. I hate the feeling of too tight watch. better not to wear the watch at all than to feel it too tight
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    normal differences between reps and gen watches

    you are talking about an ideal parallel world here 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 do you really expect the dealers to write on their websites: "well, our replica watches are so-so, they don't really look like their authentic counterparts and have a lot of differences. also they are lighter than genuine ones and most...
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    returning the rep watch to the dealer

    be happy that the dealer generally accepts refunds, even if not in your case 😁😁😁 there are so many out there that simply disappear after selling the rep watch)))
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    Preferred dials/ textures/ finish

    it seems to me that no one is as pro in watch dials as seiko/grand seiko. they have the greatest variety of textures and patterns in the dials. this model is very refined. I still have a few more money to save on it, but I'll surely take it soon
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    Louis Vuitton: Einstein Automata timepiece

    to be honest, I think that those who do not resonate with the watch do not understand or do not know the value and contribution of Einstein in science.... this scientist had a dose of madness in him, he was an absolute genius in what he did. a standard and classic portrait would not have...
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    Fluted or smooth bezel Rx Datejust

    you should start with what exactly you are looking for in your datejust rep. arguably, fluted ones have more temperament, severitiy and "seriousness", if I can say so... these have a stronger character in other words.... so, if that's what you're looking for, great choice than. keep in mind that...
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    stainless steel vs rubber band. pls help me decide

    SS BRACELET!!! if it's about an original equipment watch, I don't think it's a better option than a steel bracelet. in short, it is much, MUCH more durable than rubber. in 10 years it will look the same. I'm not sure about the same thing about rubber.. also here - much more solid, and I'm not...
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    Customer support poor experience

    I gave up communicating by email a long time ago. it's time and nerves lost for me. today, an online seller who does not invest in effective ways of communicating with customers is an inferior seller or who does not deserve his money for products or services... for as long as I can remember...
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    do you care for your rep watch differently from the gen watches?

    no, I don't have a special attitude towards reps. I HAVE A SPECIAL ATTITUDE TOWARDS ALL WATCHES, REGARDLESS OF REPS OR GENS. if you love your watches, you love them all the same, no matter how resistant or not they are. after all, any kind of watch can be sensitive to high temperatures, or when...
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    My impression of the gen 3235 watch movement

    It's not the latest movement, agree. but it is considered one of the new generation, as far as I know. It appeared since 2015 and I find it strange that people are reporting problems with it.... as far as I know, rolex continued to improve about 85% compared to what the caliber 3135 proposed...
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    Quartz watches: seem the best to me lately

    it just so happens that the watches I have are not quartz... but not because I have anything against them... these seem more like optimal to me and if someone prefers them for their comfort, I really have no problem with this.... these give an accuracy of about 15 sec A MONTH... is that bad? i...
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    which watch holding groups are better? Swatch vs Richemont

    I've always felt stupid that I don't belong to the opinion of the majority... if everyone opts for Richemont or Swatch, it seemed to me that I too had to join a certain group to be part of the collective... now I can just say that I don't have certain preferences. I like watches from any...
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    What makes you love Omega watches brand?

    its youngish spirit )))
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    Code 11.59 Audemars Piguet.... what do u think?

    I don't understand why there is so much frustration about the collection... what did you expect??? for AP to launch something in the same style as RO? I think that the brand had in mind to abstract from what we know about it and to launch the completely opposite watch concept of what it has done...
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    what catches u the most in the Audemars Piguet brand?

    just like Patek and Vacheron, `audemars is just history!!!!! great team, exquisite designs and revolutionary tech features!
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    I know it's an old model, but just being amazed by this Navitimer B01rep!!!!

    Breiting is phenomenal... the watches are like no other... I like the design and the degree of complexity in the breitling timepieces... but I have never seen a Breitling replica that I like... I will probably get a ben one sometime) but your guy is truly amazing.... enjoy)
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    automatic rep stopped working

    I had such a case where 2 months after buying the replica watch, it simply stopped working.... I was lucky enough to have a reliable dealer and I shipped it back. the seller shipped me a new model, also automatic. it works until now. it is possible that there is a factory error and it would be...