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  1. WatchOveR

    replica watch as a gift

    absolute bullshit about superstitions. watches are the best gift ever and these can only be compared with books really. but, what's true is that its an art to choose the right one for a certain person. everybody wears watches, so only from this angle, they are great options for a gift, not to...
  2. WatchOveR

    sub-dials real function

    I like watches that dont have many functions. I opt for as minimalist as possible. Hour and date function is pretty enough for me. I used Mohave watches with many functions. I bought them to test. I was using their functions only for a couple of weeks just for fun. later, I was getting bored ad...
  3. WatchOveR

    Need help asap!!!! The weight of the Omega replica watch....

    ooooh, I wish you find the perfect weight successfully. My problem was that all dealers I bought my reps from, promised me retinal weight. if you take a look at the website watch descriptions, all of them are said to have identical weight. it's hard to check the information, especially when you...
  4. WatchOveR

    Returning watches

    Pretty strange your question, dear author :D Ever experienced such thoughts and feelings before, but now that I read your post, it made me think Actually, I would probably return to my first watch, it was a Timex that I bought with my own savings. After some time, I bought another and another...
  5. WatchOveR

    Which replica is going to be the party starter?

    agree, some additional information would be more than welcome) at least about the budget) I wanted my first watch to be as comfortable and versatile as possible. I knew that if I would take a formal one, I couldn't wear it daily, so I saw no point in taking my first watch to keep it in the...
  6. WatchOveR

    shipping periods

    had problems only with one dealer.sent me the package on 23 of July, got it on 31 august. told it was because of the delivery company. I didn't believe him. The other two reps I have came on time with no delivery issues
  7. WatchOveR

    Bulova... opinions required

    ouch... what did I miss? didnt hear anything about this
  8. WatchOveR

    Acetone as a solution for movement cleaning

    couldn't be said better. only proven solutions!!!!!🤌
  9. WatchOveR

    Rolex Submariner Vintage

    so, why should a Sub be bought for, then? beauty? :D
  10. WatchOveR

    Rolex Submariner Vintage

    16800 nice choice, very reliable at string bars, these are unlikely to ever break. The only thing retaining me from it is the price of a potential donor watch, just in case. A donor won’t be cheap, so the better the quality, the better of you :D
  11. WatchOveR

    800$ for a Daytona rep: is it a reasonable price?

    know for sure that there can be good reps for about 600$. never held a 800$ rep in hands, so cant tell you for sure. But, imho, it's a bit exaggerated the price. many online dealers offer reps for about 800$ but if you make your research, you can find the same model and the same characteristics...
  12. WatchOveR

    Your next watch

    Could have enumerated a couple of Rolexes and Omegas, but as far as it seems, I’m not allowed :D Well, then here u have a guilty pleasure model that I wanna have someday Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow. A phenomenally detailed dial, in-house Moonphase movement tracking the Moon’s orbit for 128...
  13. WatchOveR

    sapphire or hesalite: why?

    owning a Glycine with sapphire crystal. I dont really understand why all users here say that hesalite is more cost effective. the Glycine cost me $189, so, not an exaggerated price for a sapphire crystal watch. or am I missing smth?! then, how much are hesalite watches? bring a little light over...
  14. WatchOveR

    who and what watch owns?!

    whatsUP all ya!!! here is my Glycine. though it doesn't look the same right now, as I broke its bezel by over-polishing, but it's a pretty serviceable "amigo" indeed
  15. WatchOveR

    Ceramic or Steel bezel?

    Do you guys know if there is any chance to replace the watch bezel? From ceramic to steel, or vice versa I accidentally broke my aluminum bezel (at least, it looks like aluminum) while I was trying to polish it. I probably over-polished it somehow; either way, it looks awful. Tried it to remove...