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  1. WorldWideWisdom

    replica watch as a gift

    subscribe to all above-mentioned. also, I'd add that before deciding with the edged, you should better start with what the will potentially like or need. if he didn't wear watches before, talk as much as possible about watches. I remember I once begun a similar discussion with my GF, telling her...
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    my vote goes for the new and the replica options. vintage have had god knows how many owners. preowned might have undergone service previously and u never know its true condition. there is high chance u get one, and within a couple of weeks, maybe months, you'll need to serve it again and with...
  3. WorldWideWisdom

    swiss replica vs swiss clone

    maybe some dealers use this argument as a marketing. but it doesn't mean that clones dont exist. look at those YouTube videos showing clear pictures on how close these are to the genuine. the problem is that the true clones are hard to find as most dealers clam they offer clones, while offering...
  4. WorldWideWisdom

    PP 5070: what's so special about it?!

    my God what a beauty 🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠 whose who dont like it, could you please offer it as a gift to me?
  5. WorldWideWisdom

    reps longevity

    all the reps I own serve me well. none of them suggest wear and tear effect. one is 4 years, 2 are 2 years, and the last is half a year
  6. WorldWideWisdom

    Rep movements

    does this come from your real experience? or just theory around?
  7. WorldWideWisdom

    Need help asap!!!! The weight of the Omega replica watch....

    would be great to specify the model... if it is all stainless steel made, the fluctuation should be minimal. steel is steel and it's unlikely that the manufacturer replaces it with cheaper materials... if it's a model featuring a material strap, it's needless to consider the strap weight. you...
  8. WorldWideWisdom

    Japanesse Trio

    Yes, you missed You’ve missed some collections in Citizen, plenty of them… Corso, Attessa, Exceed… Also, Citizen has plenty of mechanics. Not sure if categorizing Casio makes any sense. Frequently, the brand releases then withdraws one or another line from production and, later on, revives...
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    800$ for a Daytona rep: is it a reasonable price?

    im pretty sure that you can find the same model for around 600$. it's impossible that only one dealer has a certain model that can be found in other dealers. usually, different rep stores sell the same watches, only under different store names and different prices. the fact that the rep you...
  10. WorldWideWisdom

    reps longevity

    The first and oldest rep I bought to test is a Panerai Luminor PAM00775 rep, automatic movement. don't recall what's the country of origin exactly, but it's improbable to be a swiss rep, as I paid for it about 150$. still functioning. Having it for 5 yrs. true that don't wear it anymore as a had...
  11. WorldWideWisdom

    Some crucial truths about replica watches

    Your 2nd point confuses me @EasyPeasY57299 a little. From what I understand, you say that all reps are the same and there is no difference between $150 rep and 800$ rep?!if that’s what you mean, lemme tell you that I don’t share this point at all. The categories might not be strictly categorized...
  12. WorldWideWisdom

    replica watches criteria for buying

    As far as I see, I’m gonna be the first one to mention “resonating with brand/its history/philosophy…” and am surprised to see that no one mentioned this criterion before. Between a Rolex and an Omega, there must be something that attracts u more to one f them, and it doesn’t necessarily have to...
  13. WorldWideWisdom

    timepiece or statement piece?

    1 reason- time-indicating purpose 2nd reason-statement piece
  14. WorldWideWisdom

    sub-dials real function

    so, hypothetically, if I love a perpetual calendar watch, but I never use it, does it mean that I shouldn't have it? absolutely not. No one has to care why I buy one or another watch. I buy what I like and what I can afford. Many people hate skeleton watches, but it doesn't mean that should not...
  15. WorldWideWisdom

    shipping periods

    I never listen to what customer support assistants say about the shipping period. After all, they always estimate, and never can warranty the period they are promising. After all, it's the delivery company that is in charge of the whole shipping process. The dealer only dispatches the order from...
  16. WorldWideWisdom

    Ceramic or Steel bezel?

    Good for u that you couldn’t remove the bezel on your own. If u had, you would never place it back. And it’s not a good idea to remove it by yourself. Even masters can’t do it correctly and not every master even takes this challenge, as most of them lack the necessary equipment. I needed to...
  17. WorldWideWisdom

    a couple of nice Citizen watches

    Love the eco-drive system. Never needing a battery, neither to be changed nor to be wound. Also, I like that the brand makes all kinds of watches. It produces literally, everything, from dive to military. Great water resistance for most watches, up to 200 meters. I own a Citizen that is 100 m...
  18. WorldWideWisdom

    sapphire or hesalite: why?

    mineral or sapphire... because I can't stand seeing scratches on the crystal
  19. WorldWideWisdom

    Your next watch

    are u ok with spending about 2K $ for a Sellitta sw200-based movement?!
  20. WorldWideWisdom

    Your next watch

    so sorry for not respecting the author's requirements of the thread, but what's wrong in desiring an oyster Perpetual? 😁 Btw, recently ordered this beauty... it's a rep, but it's a high quality one. it's my first high-quality rep, I've been wearing usual watches Seiko and Citizen so far. The...