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  1. chunkeymonkey

    Cartier: any lovers here?

    I “love” when people having no idea about watches stupidly comment on them… I refer to your idiot co worker… The average Cartier clientele is mainly the man kn owing a thing or two about fin horology and with pretty high education in watches construction tons in general. I say that because...
  2. chunkeymonkey

    testing the rep watch, before buying...

    C’moooon dude, your reaction is outta pocket really Some customers dont even get their reps after paying them. others get a trash even if they pay a lot of bucks. You got a nice rep and you’re kicking up a fuss about a goo rep that just doesn’t look the way you expected Grow up man, and stop...
  3. chunkeymonkey

    Long list of replica watches, can choose only 3 - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Min, Who’s gonna judge u here? We all are watch shopaholics here to a certain extent 😂😂😂 As for reps, that’s tough to make a selection indeed 👀👀👀👀 I’d consider the reps you already have, I mean I would add to my collection those that I don’t have by style, or dimension. If you have plenty...
  4. chunkeymonkey

    sapphire or hesalite: why?

    my reps all come in sapphire. look great and shine off the chain. also owning a couple of hesalite gens. can't say im in love with them. every other month I have to polish them to look like the sapphire. these need regular and frequent polishing. idk what people find in hesalite cristal. cheap...
  5. chunkeymonkey

    Which replica is going to be the party starter?

    Try Tissot watch, 42 mm, T1374101103100 PRX Rose Gold & Silver Stainless Steel. Swiss quartz, so pretty reliable
  6. chunkeymonkey

    replica watch as a gift

    Piaget Polo btw can also be an alternative for Nautilus. But I think once you thought about a nautilus rep, it’s unlikelyh you will accept an alternative… thoughts Polo is one. Actually, Piaget introduced it in the same year that Patek introduced its Nautilus. I thought at the beginning that...
  7. chunkeymonkey

    Your next watch

    I wish my next watch was Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometer FB3 SPC with its fabulous hairspring. In fact, I think im gonna get it someday, as it’s not as expensive. I’d go for the white gold. I don’t really like the pink gold on my wrist, as it makes me look like I’m 50 at my 32 It comes with a...
  8. chunkeymonkey


    I don’t know why you demotivate so much about vintage watches. Wearing a vintage piece makes you exclusive. Believe me that no other jerk in the office will have the same watch as you. With new watches and rep imitations, half of your office has them and you look like another cow in the whole...
  9. chunkeymonkey

    Rolex or Grand Seiko?:D

    having nothing against having both of them in my collection...
  10. chunkeymonkey

    is there anything u would change in Rolex vector if u were its CEO?

    Glad it’s pure theory here… changing anything in the brand vector would lead to its ruining… u talk here as if like the current CEO doesn’t do anything… true that Rx had some gaps, but who doesn’t? The challenge is to keep the brand up despite the gaps and it does it great imho
  11. chunkeymonkey

    carbon replica watches: pros and cons

    My co-worker owns a Luminox Original Navy SEAL 3001 Military Dive Watch. Probably not the most sturdy watch from the carbon line but at least it is pretty affordable. And if by chance it breaks, no problems with replacing it. Don’t really think that only carbon material makes a good watch. One...
  12. chunkeymonkey

    reps longevity

    If u seek reps for longevity, then the high-quality should be your first priority. Swiss clones from trusted sources. No one can promise boy everlasting longevity, but at least these are less likely to break in the long run… and don’t stick to the idea that these are fake… gens can also be trashy
  13. chunkeymonkey

    replica watches criteria for buying

    recommendations and reviews: 1 criterion movement: 2 criterion warranty: 3rd criterion
  14. chunkeymonkey

    scam ain't disappeared

    the worst part is that scammers never stop and find new ways of tricking people... even with emails, contact details, addresses and still these can scammy. if our not ready to lose that money, better dont buy...
  15. chunkeymonkey

    with 95% similarity of reps, would u still opt for a gen?

    Apart from the aesthetic and cosmetic look, which the rep factories can reproduce greatly, there is the huge machinery and expertise in making movements. Technically, all luxury watch brands have their own machinery and few techniques are used by 2 or more brands. Usually, these create their own...
  16. chunkeymonkey

    do you guys admit openly your watch is a replica?

    u know? honestly it depends on the social environment. if im in a closed circle and feel like im on the same page with it, I can talk about it freely with no blocks. if I find myself in a social environment with people I barely know, especially kinda fancy people, I should I depreciate myself 😂...
  17. chunkeymonkey

    first dress watch. any suggestions?

    good for u finding watches where u less expect) dont wanna confuse u more @nemailin so would better abstain from other models not mentioned here... from all suggested, the omega de ville is a good start direct to the point
  18. chunkeymonkey

    a couple of nice Citizen watches

    AXIOM BM7580-51L good design approach...clean, minimalist, appealing, great for a business-casual outfit. citizen does a great stuff
  19. chunkeymonkey

    who and what watch owns?!

    one of my guilty pleasures
  20. chunkeymonkey

    timepiece or statement piece?

    modest watches are to my liking the most... might have 1 statement piece for some special occasions and it's too a minimalist watch Patek Philippe. dont like statement expressed in design, flamboyant and loud aspect. prefer the statement to be expressed through minimalism by a resounding brand...