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    Bell Ross imitations: opinions, reviews, suggestions

    getting hot in here... @CringeUser I've had reps running on such a Japanese movement. served me for 4 years, gave the rep to my cousin, and still runs ok. it's easily serviced, so haven't had no issues with it as for the Bell ross watches, I'd suggest looking at BR03-92 Heritage PVD black. In...
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    timepiece or statement piece?

    you bastard 😂😂😂 r u married?!😂😂😂 don't quite like loud watches. dont resonate with them. so time-indicating purpose and functionality is what suits me better
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    Pre-Owned AP: tips to consider

    "Never make the mistake of servicing your AP by independent parties. Especially when u want your bezel to be polished."- so true... my former manager left his AP at an independent watch service. the expert exaggerated with the cleaning and polishing and after a couple of procedures the watch...
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    Some crucial truths about replica watches

    no one says all reps are bullshit... the point is to not trust those who promise spectacular quality. the quality of reps are more or less the same, from mediocre to good quality. But not as they claim to be identical, exact copy, mirror etc... Youtube videos show some good examples of...
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    with 95% similarity of reps, would u still opt for a gen?

    Saying sapphire is sapphire and steel is steel in both reps and gens is quite fair. First of all, you never can be sure that dealers selling 904 steel is indeed 904. Most probably not. The same is for the sapphire. Dealers only promise it but impossible to check it. So, from this point, one can...
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    800$ for a Daytona rep: is it a reasonable price?

    the one ive spotted is also swiss labeled. but with so many scams, not sure to believe in such fancy words
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    800$ for a Daytona rep: is it a reasonable price?

    thought about a pre-owned and even researched... didn't find the right model that would fit my necessities and aesthetic demands. could wait in the list for a while but I need a watch right now
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    sapphire or hesalite: why?

    I trust both in terms of scratch resistance and impact. Though, find the Hesalite crystal a bit warmer look which I adore. With regular polish, it looks brand new each time. Owning watches with sapphire and hesalite. The latter have a a bit more appealing look look at this...
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    Acetone as a solution for movement cleaning

    Acetone dissolves plastic. It’s unlikely to cause harm to steel. But if speaking about reps, you never know what components manufacturers use during the watch assembly. So I would not take the risk. Even for gens with high-quality materials, this chemical can affect the finish and the seals...
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    PP 5070: what's so special about it?!

    Don’t think this PP would look as stunning with a smaller bezel. I’m inclined to believe that we are sometimes driven by standards to such an extent that we can't accept deviations. If the bezel was smaller, it would look more like a “general” watch, mediocre maybe. Make abstractions form the...
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    do you guys admit openly your watch is a replica?

    idk why but i'm not sure that all those admitting so easily here are indeed honest... I can speak frankly about my rep only after making sure that people I talk to have the same position as I do regarding reps... you never know who you are talking to and screaming out loud to the left and to the...
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    800$ for a Daytona rep: is it a reasonable price?

    Hi there, Decided to have a Daytona 116500 BTF and was making my research. Found some options but as far as I see, those that suit me best from a quality perspective, good-looking aspect, and all additional criteria (shipping, warranty, return) would cost me around $800 + shipping costs. Now...