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Greetings...My name is Jose Latorre from Puerto Rico, and I am writing to ask about your experience with "rolexreplica.com". I found your email on this forum. I intend to order two watches, but I read your review and decided to asak you about the quality of the watch and if it is wise to upgrade to a super clone. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy.
Hi there, i tried to buy some watches and gave a lot of chances to store but i wouldn't recommend them. I don't like stores that look like you pay in a russia roulette you know? After 3 attempts i decided to quit... and to search for something better. if you are looking for quality, choose another one.
Still hope that @vAshayaStar is going to share his experience here too..
@jlatorre53 hi there, sorry for the late response here...
specifically with this store, I expected more, tbh. the dealer promised much more, and maybe my expectations were too high. from my experience, "ideal" stores are not as ideal in watches as they look in stores. so, just be prudent and ask for millions of pictures from different angles from the dealers before placing the order.