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M maric
one of the most expensive dealers i've ever found. rolex reps here are about 3k which is enormous for a rep. prices don't match quality. the dealer is only rolex focused, no other watches are available. mediocre diversity of models, some are not available. products do not match the technical descriptions on...
only for only rolex lovers dealer. you won't find other reps from other brands here. Pros: wide variety of models, very attractive price, watches are around 100$, some discounts are available

Cons: the quality is a little below average, o the low price makes sense; reps don't look like gens, delayed...
M mathew
highly recommend the dealer, so sad i didn't know about aaareplica before. all went sn=mooth from the beginning til the end. no hidden pitfalls, great customer service, great aftermarket service and care, great ratio between quality and price. i don't know where these guys get their watches, but they are incredibly nice-looking...
the advantages of this dealer:
- fast order process, I had no problems with placing the order.
- acceptable quality and aesthetics
- great website. idk if all the info there is true, but at least, it looks nice

disadvantages of this dealer:
-packageing should be better; watches cost over $1k,...
I never thought I could be fooled like that... I found this dealer and thought I'd take advantage of the 1+1 offer. I fell prey and paid, not much, but anyway - it's unpleasant to be fooled like that. after I closed the order, I accessed the store again to see the...
it's not at all, the most honest dealer. promises one quality but delivers a completely different quality. I thought that by paying more, I would have high quality services and products. sadly, it was not the case
the best aspect of the dealer is the website that truly inspires confidence and makes...
S ss
was attentive when the order was being replaced. went radio silent after the order. they have a nice facade with order tracking etc. and even a number where you can call and leave a message.
yet no show!
elaborate scam site.
stay away! Stats

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