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what did I like? the diversity of replica models; a lot of specific information about replica watches, with details about the differences in grade levels. I liked the assistants, they were friendly and empathetic.
What didn't I like? I did not like the architecture of the site. The menus are a bit...
M matias
I personally enjoyed the experience of buying from this store. Apart from the fact that the web page freezes at the payment stage, there is nothing else that I would not be satisfied with. the store has a pleasant and stylized design in the Breitling concept. Each stage of payment and delivery...
what attracted me to this store is the price of fake watches. quite affordable. I was worried about the quality. it is not top quality, but it is quite acceptable. the ratio between price and quality is very proportional. what I didn't like is the attitude towards the customer. the assistants have...
apart from the much too exaggerated prices, the store is ok and reliable. the assistants quickly solved my problem, they quickly delivered me a new watch. I had no problems with payment. it seems to be quite secure. It's a pity that the watches cost so much, considering that they are from...
the store has a website that convinces you to buy something. looks very good, and professional. however, as beautiful as the web design looks, the dealer is as unprofessional. the prices are exaggerated, there are not even cheaper options, except the ones over $1K. and the quality is average. a $700-$800 rep...
the store is of average level, both in assistance and in the quality of the product. you may technically have difficulties when paying because the system does not really recognize the credit card from the first attempt. Don't rely on customer support, you won't get much help from them. on the other...
G greg_b
I'm clearly frustrated, the store seems to have good reviews from other users. and I did not expect to have problems with the rep. the dealer does not respond to emails. I continue to write to him, but in response I only get to wait, because a representative will come back soon... Stats

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