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disappointed with this seller as well as the products and services he offers. I can understand that sometimes, while shipping, the products can be subject to damage and impacts. But I didn't expect the kind of empathy from the seller. the assistants just told me that they have no fault, and...
great marketing with this seller, but not corresponding to reality. watches are no better than many other average stores. but the pushy salesmen attitude is unbearable. payment is quick and safe, didn't have issues. but, the catalog is liited to only few mdoels. I wanted to get. daytona but ended with a...
F fisher
no offense, this dealer is not for those looking for superior quality) the dealer will deliver a watch that has the brand logo printed just to give you peace of mind that you are wearing a brand watch) but don't expect high quality, full functionality, and durability)

in addition, the dealer...
awful service, awful products. don't buy, even if the watches seem good and the prices attractive. I'm sorry that I didn't have the patience to look for another dealer as this one gave me a lot of headaches. very cheap reps in terms of material and functioning. service?! - no, it's not...
I can only say that I highly recommend this dealer. I don't know where he gets the replica watches, but they are of exceptional quality. for such quality, I would have paid about 1K on other stores, but here I paid 2 times less. Wearing the watch already for the 3rd month,...
E ethan
tbh, the name of the site is not the most suitable for this store. it's not all VIP as it's called.
Advantages: the store has a large catalog of models from different brands
Cons: Not all models are available

Pros: Prices are very attractive, lower than at other dealers
Cons: The...
E ethan
didn't expect such a service and high-quality products from aaareplica. After having a bad experience with another dealer, couldn't wait much with a new one. Yet, got a great surprise with superb service, wide items' variety, simple and intuitive ordering process, superb prices for the quality, aftermarket support. these are just some... Stats

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