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K karim
the assistance department seems like has been trained to lie about the real quality of the reps. and the prices are too much for the condition of the reps. the worst is that I couldn't get the refund, because the dealer told me that it was against the policy, as the watch...
It's not a bad collection of reps, but it's only about Rolex and nothing else. prices are very affordable but don't expect impeccable quality, the watches have some minor defects as mentioned above. don't rely much on the informational support of the stuff; many pieces of info just "fight" against each other...
for ladies model, you will find but one single rep available. before ordering it, I talked to the customer support assistants, asking if it's possible to get a silver or pure steel option, 'cause my wife doesn't like two-toned. the dealer said YES, he will send me a clean version, without the...
too beautiful store that doesn't go with the reality of the reps. reps are as usual as with any other aaa store. so prices are literally biting. on the other hand, it's nice to order from here. it's fast and secure. all the models are in stock. customer care- zero. won't do...
C cosmos
only Rolex in this store; no other brands for reps. medium quality watches, even if some of them are pretty high in price. and the bad part: no bonuses and discounts, and paid shipping.
Reps do look in reality like in the store. Had no issues with delivery, pretty fast. Fast...
all went wrong with this store. starting with the loading pages, communication with the assistants, and ending with the low-quality of the rep.
the dealer is unprofessional. Avoid buying from here, if u don't want to stress out!
the prices are a bit overrated here. considering the reps have minor dysfunctions, these could be a little cheaper. good customer support assistance. though, you'll get answered maybe within a day or two after you send them your questions. delivery has problems because the dealer dispatches the order a couple of days... Stats

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