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G Glenn
Never buy a watch from this company wdf. I wouldn't have paid 50 dollars much less 150 had i seen the actual watch. It's total garbage. Buy yourself a pagani watch instead at least you will be able to wear that one.
the problem with this store is the lack of effective communication with the customer. impossible to talk to someone from the office, because the email system does not work.
The prices are relatively ok here. you can find cheaper and more expensive reps, as you can afford. the variety of watches is...
G grigio
items quality-acceptable. however, I think the price is too high. the web store is intuitive and easy to navigate and place an order. Bad that there are no price alternatives. Only those over $1k.

The dealer can deliver the watch that HE wants, BUT NOT what YOU order. you can receive...
M Mary
Doesn't keep time, not as pictured, clasp will not stay closed and jeweler says it can't be fixed.
Attempted a return and they said NO return. Worst purchase and customer support ever.
CR c. robinson
I wanted to follow up on a previous review that I made regarding the site This is the person that received my Western Union payment:

First name: Panagiotis
Last name: Argyropoulos
Country: Greece
City: Athens
Address and Phone Number if needed:
5 Nikis street
Athens, 10557

I ordered from aaareplica because I saw only positive reviews. honestly, I was sure that everything is not as beautiful as described by other customers. however, I decided to try and I am very satisfied. a clean and structured site. rich portfolio of models and brands. very promising quality for a very...
disappointed. the service is totally opposite to the website which looks beautiful only superficially. in reality, the team does not want to solve the issues or return the money, even if the issue is because of the team, not me Stats

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