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I don't understand how I could not notice this dealer until now. I would have bought all the replica watches I have from here. everything is at the highest level, starting with customer service and ending with the quality of the watches.

the store lacks pictures for all replica watch models....
M maric
Turkish services always remain Turkish services.... I have convinced myself of this once again!!! they are good negotiators and promise you the stars in the sky until they convince you to buy. I spoke with the representatives of replicawatchTR for more than a week to choose a suitable model for me. they...
this replica watch site attracts you through its home page. lots of explanatory information, detailed icons of the watches and many explanations about how replica watches are made. looks very convincing. BUT WHEN YOU START talking to the sales agents, you feel your personal space violated. they are pushy and very persistent,...
I admit that I was captivated by the design of the store. the home page looks perfect and inspires superior quality. however, the quality of the website does not match the quality of the replica watch. the products are pretty good, but not worth more than $400-600, at most.

the store...
CC Claudio Campagnaro
Terrible service. I recieved not merchandise. No refund is available. Shippers are unreliable. The company assures not accountability for undelivered items. I would definitely not recommend buying from them.
M mike
This is a scam- they take your money and do not respond back- stay away from this site!!
great store for those looking for quality, affordable prices and customer service at the highest level. At first it seemed to me that the site is a bit poor in watches, as not all categories have available models. but I wrote to the dealer and in a short time I had a... Stats

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