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Customer Support & Ordering Process

very fast ordering process, the information was processed in a second. I received all the confirmations by email, and I didn't even realize when I received the confirmation, as the ordered watch was already dispatched.

I did not contact the customer support team directly. everything was very intuitive, and I was kept up to date by email every step of the way, so I didn't even need to talk to anyone. the communication system is very well set up, so you don't even need assistance

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

the watch came in a steady box, which was not affected by transportation. each element of the rep came with a protective film and wrapped in a bubble plastic for additional protection. the watch was placed on a pillow-like platform for a cushioning effect. I also received detailed instructions about everything I need to know about the watch and who I can contact if I have questions.

delivery: 2 days delay, about which I was informed in advance.

Products Ordered

Tissot PRS 516 Quartz Chronograph T100.417.11.031.00 quartz rep

Product Quality

it is the first rep that has fully functional chronographs for its price. it shines very brightly in the dark, and the bezel is made of ceramic, which surprised me. the watch is indeed water resistant, I tested it and confirmed it. the screw-down system works perfectly. very happy with the rep. I didn't expect that a $210 imitation could perform so well and look downright identical. I adjusted my bracelet very easily thanks to the adjustment system. it works like a workhorse already for the 4th month.


the site looks very humble and modest in terms of design. it has a friendly, pleasant and very intuitive platform. I found all the information I needed directly on the website, without needing additional assistance. each step is confirmed by email. I didn't have a single moment of doubt that I didn't do something right. if you need a review about a certain watch, you can find it in the blog, where everything is described in detail, both about the pros and cons of the rep watches. everything is very transparent.
a small collection of brands, but the most famous and sought after. very good prices for quality and communication with the customer even after the purchase. I received emails thanking me for the purchase, even an invitation to a survey for improvement recommendations. what to say? a very pleasant place for a 10 stars shopping experience. loved this store.

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