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Customer Support & Ordering Process

assistants have a hard time responding to requests. I waited up to 1 week until I received an answer to my questions. but, they are customer oriented and have problem-solving skills.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

the first watch arrived in a deplorable condition. it was wrapped in several bubbled plastic packages and in a deformed cardboard box. the watch came defective. and I don't know exactly if it is the fault of the dealer or the fault of the delivery.

the second watch came in a much more solid and better protected box.
delivery: reasonable delivery time, within the promised terms

Products Ordered

Rolex Daytona 116506IBLDO Men’s Silver-tone

Product Quality

the first watch came defective. the hand of one of the 3 subdials does not work. I asked for a return, and it was accepted. the right ones that it took about a week until I received approval. the second watch came packaged much better and safer. the cess is ok, it works well, it looks like the pictures on the website. however, the prices seem exaggerated to me


apart from the much too exaggerated prices, the store is ok and reliable. the assistants quickly solved my problem, they quickly delivered me a new watch. I had no problems with payment. it seems to be quite secure. It's a pity that the watches cost so much, considering that they are from 316 ss. and only Rolex watches are available, no other brands. everything is quite easy and intuitive and nice-looking on the site. and the service is customer oriented. however, there can still be lapses with the quality of the watches

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