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not satisfied with the customer support; it didn't accept the return request, even though I felt under the return policy criteria

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good and reliable package
fast delivery

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 white 41mm SS

Product Quality

good replica, but too expensive. I found the same model costing 900$, in this store I paid for it 1,490.


the dealer doesn't comply with its return policy. the policy says clearly that I can return the watch within 30 days, without any problems, and without explaining the reasons. I got the watch, all was smooth. But, 1 day after receiving it, I found the same rep on another source, at 900$. so I wanted to return it the next day and get my money back as I thought 1,500 was too expensive when I could have it for 900. So, 9i wrote a request for a refund. the assistants told me that it was impossible, as once I got the watch, there isn't anything they can do ion the watch is in good condition. they told me that if the watch had been broken or smth like that, they Ould have accepted the refund. so, this store doesn't comply with its own policy and the prices are too cosmic.

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No, I do not!
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