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Customer Support & Ordering Process

very passive-aggressive communication. they asked me if I plan to buy the watch or just ask about it, without buying intentions. I told them that if I'm satisfied with all specs, I would buy it. they said that if I don't plan to buy it then they won't give me any information about it. At the end, they told me to return with questions only when I'm sure I watch to buy it

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fast delivery, got it earlier than expected

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Rolex Daytona 116506IBLDO Men’s 40mm Ice Blue Dial

Product Quality

not satisfied with the watch. the dial looks very different from what I saw in the pictures. the crown doesn't round smoothly. the engravings are not accurate, at all. all the information o. the website is bulshit, nothing more. in reality, these are usual Asian watches


not satisfied with anything from this vendor. it sells Asian watches but at swiss pieces. I paid around 600 $ for a piece of shit. I could have bought the same watch for 150$ somewhere around the corner. so disappointed.

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No, I do not!
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