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communication with this seller was very difficult. I'm so sorry I called on them... I chose a rep model. I paid without contacting customer support. I didn't receive any confirmation by email, only through web banking I saw that my money was successfully withdrawn. I kept checking the email to see if I received any confirmation, nothing. so 5 days passed before I wrote them. I received the answer after another 3 days. the agents told me that "sorry, we don't have the requested model in the sock".... whatever... decided to get another model. they've sent me the list 0f available reps and their pictures... pictures were of awful quality, just like the reps in them... told the assistants that i was not going to pay for such a trash, so requested the money back... ouch, no refund available.

was already desperate about the situation, and picked a whatever rep model just to not lose the money completely. agents told to wait for 14 days. I asked for the tracking number "we don't have such for now, just wait"..... still waiting for the 23rd day.... amen with the replica and my money, but I don't have the strength to fight with this store. So, avoid it at any cost

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